Klasse Uno srl, based in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) I-EEC, via Mimose 12, that with the following we are going to refer to as Organization, sets up FESTIVAL SHOW CASTING with the aim to find out and promote new talents in the field of pop music.

Application are open from November 14th until the last audition day (schedule and information on

Auditions will take place in Italy and in other foreing countries between November 2017 and April 2018. Locations can be shopping malls, theatres and other venues usually assigned for live shows.

The applicants that will be successfull on the first round of audition will have access to the final round which takes place in Caorle (Venice) – Italy, on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of May. On those days the 14 artists that will take part to Festival show 2018 will be selected. Between the 14 artists 10 will be selected in Italy and 4 from abroad.

You can take part to Festival Show if you are a singer, a songwriter, a band, a vocal group, a rapper between 12 and 45 years of age.

Applicants will be asked to perform half playback (voice on music) or if previously discussed with the production in acoustic (e.g. guitar and voice).

The 14 artist selected through the audition will performs live on Festival Show stage accompanied by an orchestra.

The application fee to take part to the audition is 100 euros if you are a singer or a vocal duo. The fee is 140 euros for bands made of three or more members. The fees amount just reported are both reduced of 20% in case the applicant has aready took part at previous Festival Show auditions.
Payment methods are reported on the website or can be made through bank transfer – IBAN: IT 08 B 06225 62820 07400623723W. Documentation required for the subscription consists in: application form, filled in every part and signed; receipt of the payment.

It is compulsory to specify on the registration form an e-mail address and a phone number of the Applicants. All communication to the Applicants will be carried out from the Organisation by e-mail. The underage contenders must have, pending exclusion, the subscription of a parent or a legal tutor. All the material and the documentation sent to the Organisation will not be returned and will be destroyed after the conclusion of the Festival.

All Applicants, and relative songwriters, guarantee, now for then, that the songs and the related execution do not violate any right of any third parts, relieving the Organisation from any responsibility of civil or criminal nature in this sense, except for the right of the Organisation to refund damages and/or legal expenses. The Applicants authorise openly the Organisation to use their image during any phase of the Festival. The lacking authorisation will entail the exclusion from the Festival itself. Travel expenses, room and board during all the phases of the Festival are at the expense of the Applicants.

Only the songs of the 14 artists selected for Festival Show 2018 will be inserted in our official compilation for which you give us our authorization by subscribing the present regulations.

In execution of Art. 11 law 675/96, applicants give their consent to processing of personal data with the following porpuses: research, market survey and sending of advertising material.